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The Six
. Angelica Jones . Becca Latham . Albert Bennet . Emily Kitching . geneveve Justice . Melissa Duncan .

The Six

Norfolk Street Arts are delighted to present this exciting and dynamic series of new work - a response to an open call for emerging artists aged 16-25.

Our exhibition ‘The Six’ demonstrates a healthy and vibrant new generation of young and emerging artists in and around the city of Sunderland,
and promises a unique collection of responses across a variety of media.

Fuelled by coffee and inspired by the Hills Arts Centre and Grinde_r Coffee Co decor, Albert Bennett’s new work involves using an innovative approach a newly-defined approach he has coined ‘Eclectic Symbolism’ to reflect the ‘saturated and overwhelming nature of modern life’ - marrying together multiple perspectives and compositions into a series of wooden boards which respond directly to the space.            

Insta: @AlbertsArtAccount


Influenced by the novel ‘The Yellow Wallpaper’ by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Melissa Duncan’s mixed-media reconstruction of the corner of a canvas both physically and conceptually reframes the narrative around the female body. Its distinctly bright rustic palette is expressed through layers of pastel, charcoal, ink, and acrylic, as though the canvas is cut from a larger whole; the story remains to be (re)told.

                                Facebook: @Melissa._Design / Insta: @Melissa._Design


Step into the ‘PORTAL’ of Angelica Jones’ curatorial writing as manifest in physical realm, where “the idea of comprehension is outdated and inoperable.” Where bright pinks and neons meet six headstone shaped casts in faded pink stone with hollow space devoid of letters, the ever-changing calligraphy and colour in Jones’ limited-edition zines translate experiences of non-gender and queerness.

                                Website: / Insta: @_AngelicaJones_


Genevieve Justice’s practice takes influence from the broad strokes and colours of the Impressionist movement; adopting exaggerated colours and larger-than-life brush strokes in an exploration of skin tone and texture. Through applying this technique to objects both human and inhuman, her work evokes a guttural response, at once elegant and conflicting.                                

                                Insta: @GenevieveEmilia_Art


The colourful corals and coastal creatures of Emily Kitching’s Kaleidoscopic ceramic collection could fit in the palm of your hand. Her’s is a playful approach with impactful intent, driven by a desire to promote wildlife conservation - “this beauty should be conserved for future generations to experience”.

                                Facebook: @EmiKArt / Insta: @EmiKArt


Graphic design for social change, Becca Latham’s university project 'Taking Spiking Seriously' responds to the Creative Conscience Open Brief, offering students to rethink solutions to real-world problems through arts practice. With a personal connection to educating young people, particularly young women, about the dangers of spiking in licensed premises or private parties, Latham’s design skills are evident in the prototype app ‘Taking Spiking Seriously’.

                                Website: / Insta: @BeccaLLatham

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